Move over National Enquirer! Make way for News of the People! The headline grabbed my attention: Gov. OSHIOMOLE On Sex Rampage – Prostitute Faints Under Him. Directly under it it read: REVEALED! How Prophet OBADARE Rose From The Dead After 4 Days. Says, “I saw Late Pastor BIMBO ODUKOYA In Hell”. This stuff is juicy! I can’t get enough of the Nigerian gossip papers.

I found out that above mentioned Prophet Obadare is in the United States right now. Poor Pastor Bimbo Odukoya, when the prophet asked her what she was doing in such a place, she replied: “this is where I am o, they say it is my dressing, my mini skirts, by hairdos and my lifestyle, that is what has landed me here o. please if you can go back tell my people so they can save themselves o.”(!!!)

As for the governor, he is known to work hard for the people of Edo State, but apparently has a “penchant for adultery, especially as it concerns young women, often underaged girls most of the time.” The article goes on to say that ” the governor, made another show of might but this time with one of his numerous skirt-chasing runs when he pounced on a commercial sex worker in what could be described as a sex voyage that lasted several hours until the lady finally succumbed fainted. . . (he) had to use his super statesmanship to arrange for how the lady would be revived. Of course, he did win the battle by bringing the lady back to life.”

News about showbiz personalities here is much, much juicier than what we read about our personalities in the U. S. Another headline article about a gorgeous actress reads, I Have Younger Lover And So What? Right on, Ms. Shan George Fumes! There’s news about how the lovely Oge Okoye beat up her make up artiste, when she was not pleased with the make-up job, and gave the girl “the beating of her life.” Another Nollywood actress narrowly escaped return to prison!

This edition of News of the People did carry a very serious article, The Miraculous Fruit That Cures Cancer Found — It is called Guyabano, The Soursop Fruit. This one piqued my interest, because I love soursop and have not had any in a while, but I love soursop ice cream and soursop drink, plus I love tea brewed from soursop leaves. I immediately searched the Internet and found many articles attesting to the curative powers of soursop. The big pharmaceuticalsdo not want it known how good soursop is in curing cancer. They tried to make a synthetic version and could not. I have been hearing that the cure for cancer has been found, but the government won’t tell us because the big money making companies that make zillions killing people with chemotherapy and radiation therapy stand to lose this lucrative market. It is better that people should die than corporate America not make gazillions. I say, let’s get the real scoop on the natural plants that can cure disease. Let’s have the real scoop on soursop. Let’s eat more natural and healthy!