Yesterday afternoon I met an angel. We met on what for me is hallowed ground, by a table laid out with a sumptuous buffet – yes, for me food is sacred. At the point that I met her, I was back at the buffet having seconds, but not of the meats, salads, or sweets, but a second helping of fruit, especially the pineapple. I said to her that I could never get enough pineapple, which I told her is a natural antibiotic. Probably most people would think that I’m weird to hear me talk so enthusiastically about pineapple (and all the other natural stuff that I espouse), but without missing a beat, this lady replied that she believed me that pineapple most likely has antibiotic properties and moreover, she could tell that I took good care of myself and that I was a very good person.

We got to talking some more. I liked her so much because she saw the good in me. I say she is an angel, not because of the many compliments she gave me, but because she was a messenger sent from God. She helped me to understand that there is good and there is evil and that I should extricate myself from whatever or whoever is causing the bright smile to evaporate when I sort of let on that there was something/someone negative in my life. She could read me like a book when she saw how my face lit up when I talked about the adored son of my heart. God sent me a message through this woman.

She had a beautiful pen that I admired. She reached into her bag and took out another pen just like it, except this one was a different color. She gave it to me. On the clip of the pens is an angel. An angel! She said something about angels, which I’m not sure that I got right, something about angels not being hers to give or that we can’t give angels.

I have never given much thought to living angels among us, as I wholeheartedly believe in guardian angels of ancestors and loved ones who have passed into glory. I have many guardian angels, the principal one being, in my mind, my great grandfather who died in 1921 in Cuba. I feel a very special bond with him. Another angel is my beloved Zabrina who passed into glory 17 years ago at the young age of 18. Funny thing is, she makes her presence known to me! Yes, I love my guardian angels. I know that folks will say I have this wrong because people do not become angels when they die, as an angel is a purely spiritual being. Anyway, I know that I have guardian angels looking over me, and don’t anyone burst my bubble by telling me that these angels are not my loved ones.

Angels, angels everywhere, giving us messages from God. My ears are attentive; my eyes are wide open. I am going to be more receptive to the angels I come across on a daily basis. I thank God for all angels sent my way. I pray that I am able to spread a message of love and be one of the angels in the midst. I let go and let God.